Truly one the hilights of our history as a choir, was the opportunity to sing Mass at St. Peters Basillica in Rome; the greatest church in all of Christendom. Our music, primarily in Latin and Italian, included a haunting and melodic Missa Brevis in three voices by Canadian composer Stephanie Martin. One couldn't help think of how many times the The Kyrie, Sanctus and Agnus Dei had been performed in praise of God in this very same spot on earth. And here we were, a little choir from South Surrey/White Rock, lending our prayerful music to the great chorus voices that had preceeded us over the centuries. Our music also included works by Italian masters.


We also had the opportunity to sing Mass and perform a Concert at Sancta Maria Dei Miraculous, one of two remarkably beautiful twin Cathedrals at the Piazza del Popolo. A sweet little memory remains as a result of a "flashmob" type performance at the entrance to the Pantheon following a group dinner in a nearby restaurant.


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