The Stella Maris Concert Choir is making plans for it's fourth European Tour, to take place in mid-summer 2017. This year's tour will, for the first time, take the choir to Italy and Spain. Plans are already well underway for performances in Rome (possibly at the Vatican), Assisi and Florence. Less certain, but also in the works, is the possiblity of performances in Spain, most notably in the city of Barcelona.


The Stella Maris Concert Choir has benefited greatly from it's tour programs in the past. Individual members find personal reward not only through the opportunity to travel but also to evangelize through music.  Our tours place a special demand on every individual to sing and perform at the very best and the result is always gratifying the choir and its audiences.


If you have a basic knowledge of music and enjoy singing you may want to consider joining our choir. There's still plenty of time to become part of what promises to be a wonderful European experience. While preparing for our usual concerts (Christmas and Easter) the choir intermingles practice with selections to be used during our tours.

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