We believe singing should be fun, inspirational and personally fulfilling. But our choir is also a special community of like-minded friends sharing in one of God's greatest gifts; music. Scientists say singing even makes us live longer. Maybe it's the mental stimulation or the way that singing can relieve stress and increase overall happiness. 


But in addition to all that, our choir members have participated in three group tours of Europe, singing in some of the most beautiful and historic settings in the world. We also perform at music festivals and special community occassions raising funds to assist those less fortunate than ourselves. What are you waiting for?


We always welcome new members and have a particular need for male voices in the lower range.  A basic ability to read choral music is of significant benefit. And you MUST be friendly. No sourpusses allowed! If you want to join in the fellowship and personal fulfillment that goes hand-in-hand with the joy of choral singing then we are for you. 




For more information, please call Janice 604 535 7097.