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Stella Maris Choir Music Director, Trudi StammerMs Trudi Stammer


Trudi Stammer has been involved in instrumental and choral music since she was a student, and her love of music has continually evolved over the years. She was a church organist and choir director for 20 years before taking on the position of Music Director for Star of the Sea Parish in South Surrey, BC, in 1998. In 2000, after having established a church choir at Good Shepherd Church (one of three churches in the Star of the Sea Parish), she noted that there were some very good singers and excellent instrumentalists in the parish and thought that some community-building could be done by establishing a "concert choir" which was open to the parishioners and the local community. A choir called "Star of the Sea Parish Jubilee Choir" was born and has been performing for the last 14 years. Trudi's ability to get the best out of people and their voices has been one of the key ingredients in her success as a choir director. Trudi plays enthusiastically on the wonderful pipe organ at Good Shepherd Church, along with playing the grand piano.


By ongoing attendance of music workshops and conferences, she has continued to grow in her knowledge of liturgical music and music ministry in the church. She has a great trust in the ability of her singers and what they can achieve.
This choir (which changed its name to Stella Maris Concert Choir) took part in a tour to Germany in 2009 and in Germany and Eastern Europe in 2012. It has sung in many of the grandest cathedrals in Europe and many sacred-music-loving small towns. Choir members thoroughly enjoy the camraderie and true friendships established during these tours, but most importantly a sense of religious growth inherant with every new performance.  Trudi says she feels privileged to work with people who share with her a love of beauty found in music

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